Add On's

Video Guestbook $450
Capture your friends and family on camera as they share their congratulations and favorite stories. During the reception, a "Video Booth" will be set up with lighting and  a microphone where your guests will be able to share 45 sec to 1 min per person).

Extra Videographer $375
Most packaged will have 2 videographers already, but if you would like more than just 2, that is totally doable!

Extra USB Drives $55
Each couple will receive 1 USB drive with the files on it, but feel free to order more for friends and family

Raw Footage from the day $350
The raw, unedited, clips from your day. We will put them on a hard drive and mail it to you. 

Save-the-date Video $550
A short film that would creatively announce to your friends & family the date of your wedding

Follow Up Film $550
A great way to not only let your friends and family know how your first year of marriage went, but also for you to look back on your first year of as newly weds and remember some stories that you might not of have remembered otherwise.  in the future and remember that huge transitional period

Extra Time $100/hr
Extra time with our videographers costs $100 per hour ($50 per videographer)