Why should we have a wedding video?

You have put so much time, money, and effort into your wedding and then all of a sudden it is over. One of the biggest regrets from brides these days, is the fact that they didn’t invest in capturing their wedding on video. Either it wasn’t in the budget or it was something that wasn’t a priority during the planning process. A wedding film helps capture the whole day for you to relive each moment, each toast, and even the moments that you weren’t present for. Your video will allow your to WATCH the moments (not just see them) over and over again for many years to come.


Can I make an appointment to meet with you?

Certainly, fill out our 'schedule a meeting' form and we would love to set up a time to meet. If you aren’t from the Kansas City area not a problem at all - we will set up a time to do a video call with you!


We would love to meet with you but we just don’t have the time. Are there any other options?

We would love to meet with you before your wedding but if time doesn’t allow or if we are just too far away, we can handle everything from a distance. If you think about what you are wanting to accomplish from meeting, we can most likely achieve them remotely. For instance, if you are wanting to see more examples of our work or get a sense of who we are and talk more about what we offer then we can set up a video call (or just a normal phone call - we just like video because, well, that is what we do after all). 


Do you travel?

Absolutely! We love to travel and do it quite frequently! We travel quite a bit for weddings that are outside of the Kansas City area, not just for destination weddings. If you are having a destination wedding then all the more reason to have a wedding video! Not everyone might be able to travel for your wedding unfortunately and having a full video of the wedding day will help those experience it that weren't fortunate enough to be there in person. Contact us to talk about what it would look for us to travel for your big day and get a quote!


So it takes 3-4 Months to get my videos back, WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG?

After a typical wedding day where we are on location(s) 8 – 10 hours we’ll end up with 100-200 Gigabytes of footage, and if it is 4K it's even more. That equates to around 5 -6  hours of continuous footage per camera, 400-600 video clips and 2-3 audio sources. So going through and organizing all of the footage, synching audio to the ceremony and each reception event, putting your wedding footage together to re-create your wedding day, sourcing music, color correction and grading all can take up to 40-60+ hours over the course of 3-6 months. 


How far should we book in advance?

Typically 6-12 months in advance, but really as soon as you have a date. If you’re not the “plan way in the advance" type of guy or gal - no worries. Please feel free to check for our availability no matter how soon your wedding is. We've booked everything from 2 years to 2 weeks!


Will we be able to hear our vows? I’ve seen wedding videos where you can’t hear the bride and groom.

Yes.  We use a lapel mic on the Groom to get the clearest, cleanest audio to hear everything you say to each other. That being said, the vows might not be put into each video that is made for the public to see. If this is something you are interested in having, let us know and we will put it in your film for you!