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Wooten Media Co. is a Kansas City based company specializing wedding videography as well as promotional videos and documenting many other events and projects.

FAQ Style

Our Style

How do you approach filming my wedding day?

We always take a discreet approach while filming during your wedding day. We believe in being as ‘invisible’ and unobtrusive as possible all the time. We’ve had coupless and family members in the past tell us they can’t believe all the footage we got and the film we are able to create because they don’t remember seeing us at the wedding ceremony and reception at all.


Will the bride, groom, and wedding attendants have to pose for the videographer?

Nope! We try our hardest to be invisible the day of your wedding. We try as hard as we can to stay out of the way and film the events as they occur naturally. Bu


Why do I receive a USB/Flash drive vs a DVD?

DVDs, although great, deteriorate over time and eventually stop working. Receiving your finished files digitally on a USB/Flash Drive will allow you to copy the files to different computers, multiple hard drives. It’s important that once you receive your files to take the proper steps to backup and safeguard your investment.


I already booked a photographer, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! We work really well with photographers, and any other vendor you may have. We are professional and understand that we are there for you, not ourselves or other vendors. We get all the footage necessary to provide you with memories of your once in a lifetime experience while not getting in the way of anyone else.


My friends videographer was distracting, how are you different?

Unfortunately, there are some companies who are not considerate of the fact that this is a day comprised of delicate and unrepeatable moments that you will remember for the rest of your life and the smallest thing can make or break the moment.


Our List of "Don'ts" :

  • We don't value our shots over the actual moment. We plan accordingly to get the shot in the least disruptive way

  • We don't use trick shots. Meaning we won't follow you down the isle with a camera or fly a drone in the church.

  • We don't run around in desperate attempts to get footage. We plan our shoot very carefully and have become ninja's in the art of adapting to situations.

  • We don't get too close. We believe that is actually something as “too close” of a shot. We invest a great deal in the right lenses for the job so we can be out of the way but still get what we need for you to have an amazing video. So no camera's in your face during the first kiss.

  • We don't leave until we have a solid body of work. Instead of a strick hourly contract like 8 or 10 hours, we show show up and leave based on event so if the party doesn't get started until later, we stay until we have a healthy amount of reception celebration.
  • We don't dress sloppy. I know its silly to state but we dress professionally when we shoot weddings. We think its better to be confused as one of your guests than look like we are a server / someone that isn't supposed to be there.